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Just how DO I buy plants online in Virginia?

David Marciniak

Posted on February 16 2019

Just how DO I buy plants online in Virginia?

That's a great question, and one I've been working on for over a year! It's actually pretty simple. 

Step One: Find the plant you want

We're launching the online store with a limited selection of plants and sizes. I'm doing it all myself so I'm just going to keep adding as time goes on. Check out our online plant catalog to see what's looking good. 

Step Two: Add it to your cart

Select your plant, select the size (if that's an option) and click the Add to Cart button.  When you've purchased enough plants - is there really such a thing? - go ahead and check out.

Step Three: Get your plants!

I've had plants shipped to me and it's really hit or miss what condition they arrive in. I don't want that to be your experience, so your plant order will be hand delivered to you. Here are your options: 

Free plant delivery: If you're within the free* delivery service area, we deliver to your area every Saturday or Sunday. If you place your order by 5 pm on Wednesday, we can deliver to your house that weekend. If you order after 5 pm on Wednesday your order will be delivered on the following week's delivery day. * = please note that free delivery applies to orders of $250 or more.

Delivery outside the "free zone" or for orders under $250: That's on a case by case basis. Please call 540-827-4299 for details. 

Pick up at a pop-up nursery event: Throughout the growing season, we'll have pop-up nurseries all around our service area. There will be instructional workshops to help you make your landscape better, and we'll bring your plants with us for pickup that day. 

Why do I have to order by 5 pm on Wednesday for delivery that week?

It's simple: we are picking plants up from our growers and wholesalers on Thursday or Friday for that weekend's deliveries. That's my best way of guaranteeing the freshest, happiest plants I can. Some of our vendors are a bit of a drive, so we're only going there once a week! 

Will you do the planting for me? 

We're happy to install your plants for you, but we cannot do it as part of a regular delivery. When buying your plants, also purchase installation and someone from our office will contact you to schedule installation. We have to call Miss Utility before digging, so we have to wait for them to paint some lines for us. 

I don't know what plants to buy! Can you help?

Absolutely! If you need an on-site consultation to help you figure out what to plant where, you can purchase one here. The cost of the consultation will then be applied to your order of $250 or more. 

How likely are you to tell terrible dad jokes when you deliver my plants?

It's almost certain.