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Acorus 'Ogon' | Sweet Flag

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Acorus 'Ogon' | Sweet Flag


Liriope can be useful for creating a border, or for creating a line that winds its way through a planting bed. Unfortunately, liriope is also deer chow. What's a landscape designer to do?

Enter Acorus 'Ogon', or sweet flag. Acorus is a sturdy grass that tolerates damp clay soils (hey! we have those!). 'Ogon' is a brilliant yellow that can light up just about any shady spot. I've planted them successfully everywhere from full sun to full shade. You could plant them singly, but I absolutely adore Acorus as a massing plant! 

Height: to about 12 inches
Width: to about 12 inches

Acorus Wogon/Ogon is available in a  #1 container

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