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We keep losing garden centers. The big box stores that remain just aren’t set up to provide great quality, interesting plants (and their nurseries aren’t without issues). You can buy plants online, but that limits you to small plants delivered by the same folks that are sometimes great, and sometimes chuck your box onto the porch from 20 feet away. Like they say on the infomercials, there has to be a better way!

A local/online garden center near you!

I’m Dave Marciniak. I’m a landscape designer and I own Revolutionary Gardens, a great little landscape company based in Culpeper, Virginia. I’ve been in the landscape industry for over 20 years and I love everything about it. I’m also a gigantic plant nerd. Watching local garden centers close their doors, I felt bad for homeowners who no longer had the access to top quality trees, shrubs, and perennials like I do. Then I had my lightbulb moment and realized how we can help homeowners like you get the best plants.

At Revolutionary Gardens, we’re buying plants nearly every single week. We buy from growers in Virginia and surrounding states. We buy from wholesale nurseries that are closed to the public but offer gorgeous plants. If we’re picking up the freshest, happiest plant material every week, why can’t we do that for you? Think of us as a cross between an online garden center and your personal plant concierge, because your typical online vendor doesn’t have a knowledgeable plant lover hand delivering your plants to you.

I want your landscape to thrive and be beautiful, so we offer additional services to get you there. Not sure what plants to buy? You can purchase an in-person consultation and one of our plant experts (honestly, probably me) will spend up to an hour with you to help you figure out what’s best for your property. Even better, you can apply the cost of that consultation to your next order of $250 or more.

We can also install your plants for you, or just install the big stuff like trees, or even just remove the sod and prep your new plant beds and leave the fun stuff for you. If you want bagged mulch, we can provide that. If you want bulk mulch, topsoil, or stone, we’ll refer you to one of our favorite sources for that. Revolutionary Gardens has been in business since 2008, so we know who’s good - and who to avoid.

Every planting season is an opportunity to create something beautiful. I hope Revolutionary Gardens is a part of your landscape creation. Check out our collection today!