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Abelia x grandiflora
Abelia x grandiflora
Abelia x grandiflora

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Abelia x grandiflora



Doesn't "Abelia" sound like the title of an over the top ballad from the 70s? Maybe I'll write one, because this is a shrub worthy of that sort of love! Abelia x grandiflora falls into the category of what I consider to be "old fashioned" plants. This deciduous shrub spends the summer months (and a good chunk of the fall) covered in delicate whiteish pink blooms. If you've parked in the lot behind Knakals/Thyme Market in Culpeper in the summer and wondered, "what ARE those amazing flowering shrubs?" Now you know. You're welcome!

Blooms: approx May to September/October
Height: 3-6 ft
Spread: 3-6 ft

I talk more about abelia on my blog. 


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