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Beautyberry | Callicarpa
Beautyberry | Callicarpa

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Beautyberry | Callicarpa


I belong to a few plant ID groups on Facebook (I know, I party like Axl Rose) and every fall we see the same pictures pop up. Folks post branches with clusters of gorgeous purple berries and want to know - no, NEED to know - what these cool plants are. 

Beautyberry (Callicarpa dichotoma) is a fantastic plant to keep in your designer's toolbox. The leaves are a light green. In spring it gets covered with pink blooms that aren't exciting from a distance, but are charming up close, so plant a Callicarpa along a path. The deer tend to leave it alone, and we've planted it successfully in everything from full sun to full shade. It tolerates wet feet. And most importantly, around Septemer it starts setting clusters of vivid, purple berries that hang on even after the leaves have dropped. I only have one in my backyard, and that needs to change. 

Bloom time: late spring
Height: 3-4 ft
Width: 3-5 ft

We offer Beautyberry (Callicarpa dichotoma) in #3 containers. 

Learn more about Callicarpa here. 

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