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Black Chokeberry | Aronia melanocarpa

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Black Chokeberry | Aronia melanocarpa



I was late to the party on this one, having planted my first ever Black Chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa) in the fall of 2018. For some reason this beauty never showed up on my radar, which is a shame! White flowers in spring give way to deep, dark purple (almost black) berries. And then the foliage turns brilliant, firey red, which makes the berries stand out more - it's a winner. 

Aronia is also a tough plant, tolerating wet and dry conditions and everything from full sun to part shade. It's a wonderful massing plant, planted in groups to create a backdrop or just give an area some visual "oomph". It also looks great by itself. I planted a single aronia on the corner of my patio to screen an outlet, and now I want more. 

Blooms: May-ish
Height: 3-6 ft
Width: 3-6 ft
Full sun to part shade

learn about Aronia melanocarpa here


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