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Eastern Redbud | Cercis canadensis

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Eastern Redbud | Cercis canadensis



If you've driven through Virginia in the early spring and you've noticed bright purple blooms dotting the woods, that's more than likely Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis). I love everything about this native tree. The flowers cover the branches in small, vibrant pops of purple. The heart shaped leaves are delicate and graceful. And they're tough little trees that the deer tend to ignore. 

Eastern Redbuds grow naturally as an understory tree, with bigger trees providing some shade. Consider that when picking the best spot for your Redbud, and don't park it in full sun in the middle of your lawn. Plants are happiest when they're planted in the right place!

Blooms: early spring
Height: 20-30 ft
Width: 20-30 ft
Plant in part sun to part shade.

Learn more about the Eastern Redbud here.

 Larger sizes available on request.

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