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Globosa Blue Spruce | Picea pungens globosa

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Globosa Blue Spruce | Picea pungens globosa



Globosa Blue Spruce (Picea pungens glauca 'Globosa') is a fabulous accent plant for the Virginia landscape. Nothing jumps off a green backdrop quite like bright, light blue foliage, they provide a terrific textural contrast against most other plants, and they seem to take well to our soil. 

Where I see things go wrong with Globosa Blue Spruce is when they're not given room to grow. These plants look AWFUL sheared, so there's no beating and banging them into a shape they don't want to be. This is the ultimate "the less you mess with it the better it looks" sort of plant. Give Globosa Blue Spruce the room to spread out to a good 5-6 feet and you'll have a happy plant.

Height: 3-5 ft
Width: 4-6 ft
Plant in full sun to part shade

Learn more about Globosa blue spruce here. 


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