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Green Giant Arborvitae | Thuja 'Green Giant'

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Green Giant Arborvitae | Thuja 'Green Giant'



Sometimes plant breeders not only get it right, they totally knock it out of the park. That's what they did when they created Green Giant Arborvitae (Thuja 'Green Giant').

Green Giant's relative, the Emerald Arborvitae, has long been a favorite screening evergreen but it's not without some shortcomings. Its multiple trunks can get pulled apart with ice or heavy snow, the deer love it, and it maxes out at around 15 feet. Green Giant Arborvitae has a strong, single trunk. Deer tend to leave it alone. And it grows WAY taller than Emerald Arborvitae. With an eventual width of 12-15 feet wide, we tend to either plant them 10 feet on center in a straight line. If you want more immediate screening, we recommend staggering them but keeping the 10 foot centers. That will give you more coverage quicker. I've found that once they get established, 2-3 feet of growth in a year is not unheard of. 

Height: 50-70 feet
Width: 12-15 feet
Plant in full sun to part shade

You can learn more about Green Giant Arborvitae here. 


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